What Your Workplace Restroom Reflects

workplace-restroomWorkplace Restrooms

A national survey released this Labor Day highlights the importance of workplace restroom maintenance. According to the annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 93 percent of Americans see workplace restroom conditions as a reflection of how their company values them.

The overall results of the survey showed positive restroom environments. 61 percent of respondents rated their workplace bathrooms as either excellent or very good. Only 6 percent rated their facilities as poor or terrible.

Survey Results

While the survey returned overall positive attitudes about workplace restrooms, respondents still offered areas of improvement. While more than half of survey takers gave their bathroom facilities a high ranking, more than 40 percent of employees noted that they have experienced restroom troubles at their workplaces.

Problems included:

  • Toilet clogs, and commodes that are not flushed because of malfunction.
  • Bad odors and smells emanating from restrooms.
  • Empty soap dispensers, towel, and toilet paper dispensers.
  • Jammed, broken, or malfunctioning dispensers and hand dryers.

A comprehensive and sustainable restroom cleaning program is a key method for ensuring restroom cleanliness. A schedule that incorporates regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and spot cleaning combined with sustainable products and methods, helps keep restrooms disinfected, as well as clean. Many restroom odors result from urea crystals that form in grout and other porous bathroom surfaces. Eliminating these odor causing spots and stains will go a long way in improving the atmosphere of your workplace restroom.

Additional Results

In addition to satisfaction with their restrooms, employees that took the survey were also questioned about overall workplace health. 81 percent said they actively avoid becoming infected by sick coworkers, going out of their way to:

  • Avoid sick colleagues.
  • Wash their hands more frequently and thoroughly during the work day.
  • Refusing handshakes from sick coworkers.
  • Standing at a distance when talking to or encountering ill employees.
  • Requesting that sick workers return home while they recover.

The fifth annual survey is also notable for the importance employees put on hand hygiene. Only eight percent of respondents frequently saw coworkers leaving a bathroom without using hand washing facilities. Overall national hand washing surveying has revealed that more than 30 percent of Americans say they frequently witness people not washing their hands after using a public restroom. Hand washing in the workplace is far above the national average.

Survey Focus Group

1,015 Americans were surveyed for the fifth annual Healthy Hand Washing survey from August 1 to August 5, 2013. Respondents were adults between the ages of 18 and 65 who lived across the country, and evenly divided by gender.

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