restaurant cleaning

Struggling Restaurant Owner Makes Shift to Successful Restaurant Cleaning Business

restaurant cleaning
If you’re a small business owner in today’s gloomy economic climate, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have your own niche. Just ask Taylor Smith – a restaurant owner turned restaurant cleaner.

With years of restaurant experience under his belt, Smith knew the industry inside-out when he left in 2012 to pursue his own cleaning company.

Carving Out a Niche in Restaurant Cleaning

His company CJS Global, which focuses on in-depth restaurant cleaning, offers more than your average janitorial services company. They use green commercial cleaning products to service not only the dining and restroom areas, but also the commercial kitchen equipment as well.

If you’re in the cleaning business, you know that cleaning commercial kitchen equipment is a far cry from tackling a traditional office building. And unfortunately, most restaurant owners still lean on cooking and wait staff to do most of the heavy cleaning.

Not surprisingly, Smith’s specialized services, reliance on green commercial cleaning products and eye for detail have served him well. His team of 150 employees do it all – from oven cleaners to fryer degreasers.

Shaping Passion and Resilience into a Profitable Business

In the past year, he’s secured the business of more than 100 hospitality clients in the South Florida are. In fact, business has been so successful that Smith intends to expand his services to Los Angeles within the year.

So what’s his secret to success? He simply doesn’t accept failure – even during tough times.

“No matter how much I lose, I know I can make it and wake up and it’s a fresh day.”

If you’re thinking about starting up your own business, or maybe you’re feeling a little disillusioned after a previous loss, Smith has a few words of encouragement to pass along:

“You always have to believe in yourself. If you do, you can get anywhere. It’s worked for me.”

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