Concrete Floor Cleaner Garflor


Dry Powder – Add Water

Our toughest concrete floor cleaner. Heavy Duty non corrosive formula. A powdered concentrated degreaser with a high concentration of oil and dirt dissolving emulsifiers. Uses natural solvents to offer excellent degreasing and deodorizing. Use for tough concrete cleanings, hard surface cleaning, and soak tank cleaning. The biodegradable powder becomes a grease and oil cutting solution when mixed with water. 100% water soluble. To use as concrete floor cleaner :Simply either mix 1 pound with 5 – 10 gallons of water by bucket and brush or 1 pound with 40 gallons of water by pressure washer. For stubborn floor stains- wet floor, sprinkle concentrate, agitate and rinse. Removes stubborn stains with a natural solvent. Water soluble and biodegradable.

Garflor concrete floor cleaner data sheet