restaurant cleaning

Preventing Harm: Tips for Cleaning Foodservice Floors

restaurant cleaning
When it comes to floor cleaning, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and other foodservice areas are some of the most difficult to handle.

Unlike restrooms, where contaminants are mostly water-soluble (and therefore easier to clean), foodservice floors are home to a variety of soils mixed with grease, oil and whatever else has been tracked in from outside. And because most foodservice areas are high traffic throughout the day, floors need to be cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

While the problem might seem simple for a commercial cleaning professional, most restaurants and foodservice providers don’t have the budget to hire a professional. Instead, they rely on regular employees (e.g., cooks, cashiers and servers) to do the brunt of the work.

Foodservice Employee Training Needs to Include Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Education

In addition to purchasing the right cleaning products (every non-slip foodservice floor starts with a floor degreaser) and cleaning equipment (brooms, mops, etc.), you need to reinforce employee behaviors. A thorough cleaning education program should include the following:

  • Management should compile a comprehensive cleaning & maintenance guide
  • Employees who go above and beyond should be recognized and rewarded
  • Cleaning & maintenance best practices should be demonstrated though extensive training

Though many restaurant owners and managers might frown at the additional costs associated with comprehensive training, they could end up saving a lot in the long run. Many liability issues related to slips, falls and other cleaning dangers can easily be prevented through proper cleaning tools and preventative processes.

A working commercial kitchen environment will always be a dangerous environment, so it’s important to make employee safety and health a top priority.

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