Optimizing Cleaning Times

cleaning-scheduleCleaning at the Right Time

One of the most important parts of a cleaning job is when it is performed. Many facilities have busy or unique schedules that require creative and expert scheduling to allow for regular and thorough cleaning that cuts the mustard.

Cleaning schedules have a greater impact a commercial cleaner more than just juggling hours and time slots. Employee turnover, security, theft, and energy costs are all affected by cleaning schedules.

Night vs. Day

While some businesses and facilities require a fixed cleaning schedule during certain times of the night (i.e. after business hours, during low-use times, etc.), many buildings can be cleaned during the day.

The benefits of day time cleaning are many:

  • Late night shifts can create massive employee turnover. It is not uncommon for an annual turnover rate of 400 to 600 percent to be a reality for commercial cleaning companies.
  • It is easier to schedule and maintain worker supervision during regular business hours.
  • Security can be compromised at night when a building is opened for cleaning and maintenance. Crime rates can also be higher in buildings that are cleaned at night.
  • Cleaning during the day can also have an impact on your sustainability. Energy costs can be cut by not requiring lights and electricity during the night.

Creating a New Cleaning Schedule

In order to transition to a more beneficial cleaning schedule, you’ll need to look at the needs of your building, your contract service provider, and your staff. For starters, you’ll need to know how the building is used during every hour of the day. You will also need to work with the building manager to organize a schedule that meets the needs of your staff and the needs of the building occupants.

For building that have flexible schedules that can fluctuate heavily, more creative measures may need to be taken. Delivery facilities, healthcare providers, and catastrophe centers can be rapidly overwhelmed with staff when things get busy. Employee and customer populations can spike at a moment’s notice, and when they do, you will need to scale up your cleaning. That means providing more staff, supplies, and equipment.

Cleaning at the Right Time

Working with your complicated schedule may seem like an arduous task, but the savings you can pass on to your customers, the level of sustainability you can reach, and the benefits of low turnover and controlled operating costs are far worth it in the end. Take the time to make a detailed plan to select the right time to clean each of your jobs

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