Defining Sustainable Cleaning

Practicing Sustainable Cleaning

green-cleaning-practicesGreen cleaning and green cleaning products have established themselves as more than a trend. Increased awareness and demand for green cleaning services are creating a culture of sustainability in the cleaning industry. By the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) definition, sustainable practices are those that create conditions where humans and nature productively coexist while meeting the economic and social needs of a population.

Reigning in Consumption

An essential part of creating sustainable cleaning products and services is forming a culture of controlled consumption. Limited consumption can affect everything from packaging to the type of all-purpose cleaner you use.

Your cleaning company can look for ways to reduce consumption in these areas:

  • Packaging.¬†Packaging is a major source of waste. From petroleum-derived plastics and polystyrene packing materials to cardboard and other paper products, the packaging your equipment and products comes with has an impact on how sustainable they are. You can lower your packaging consumption by selecting green cleaning products that are minimally packaged, or that are packaged with recycled materials.
  • Chemicals.¬†The United States has legalized the use of more than 80,000 different chemicals, many of which are used in cleaning products and equipment. The cleaning industry has many sustainable options that use fewer chemicals than standard or conventional cleaning products. The use of green cleaning products that use natural cleaning agents insteaad of harsh chemical compounds is considered more sustainable. It reduces the amount of chemical consumption while at the same time creates less chemical pollution that ends up in the air and water. Reducing your reliance on chemical cleaning products will have less of a negative impact on the environment, and may save you money as well. By using simple, natural cleaning compounds, your budget will be less burdened by expensive chemicals.

Health Factors

The health of the planet is a major motivating factor behind the green cleaning establishment. Equally as important is the health of people who interact with cleaning products. Harsh synthetic chemicals used for cleaning can be harmful is breathed or swallowed. They also often leave surfaces with a chemical residue. That residue ends up both on humans and in the environment. Residue from chemical cleaners can also attract more dirt and grime that can harbor germs and other microbes.

National Purity’s Green Cleaning Products

National Purity offers a full line of green cleaning products. Our hand soaps, degreasers and all purpose cleaners are created to be sustainable for cleaning staff and the environment.

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