Defeating Restroom Odors


There’s no doubt that you’ve been in a restaurant, commercial building or public facility and encountered a foul smelling bathroom. Everyone has had this negative experience. Chances are that a bad smelling bathroom impacted your entire experience and may deter you from returning.

This problem highlights the importance of restroom cleanliness. True cleaning disinfects and gets to the root cause of odors. A bathroom may look clean, but its smell will always give it away.

Deep Cleaning Bathrooms

Most persistent restroom odors are caused by the crystallization of uric acid, and the presence of bacteria. Spilled urine can soak into grout lines, wainscoting, trim or other hard-to-reach areas. Bacteria feed on the crystallized urine and create the pungent ammonia odor that wrinkles your nose.

Cleaning staff must be persistent in thoroughly removing urine before it forms into malodorous uric acid crystals. A bathroom deep cleaning regimen should be adopted by commercial cleaners that includes green cleaning products. Conventional cleaners can often leave residues that attract dirt and grime, creating breeding grounds for bacteria and gathering places for urine.

Adopting Effective Cleaning Methods

Having green cleaning products that target and destroy foul smelling bacteria is important. Using these cleaning products properly and adopting effective cleaning methods for targeting odor-causing trouble spots is just as important.

  • Target grout lines. These are hot spots for odor causing bacteria. Grout is porous and absorbs spilled urine, where it forms crystals and is consumed by bacteria. Instead of just mopping stalls and bathroom floors, clean grout lines with a grout cleaner and seal them regularly to prevent urine from soaking in. 
  • Make sure floor drains in restrooms are unblocked and open. Excess moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria that will exacerbate an odor problem.
  • Consider adopting spray-and-vacuum cleaning appliances that leave a relatively dry surface immediately after cleaning.

It’s Worth the Extra Effort

Purchasing new cleaning products and appliances may seem like an obstacle, but in the long run it will save your cleaning staff time and it will save you money. By finding an effective way of eliminating bathroom odors, janitorial staff won’t have to keep addressing the problem and cleaning them over and over again with insufficient results. A clean and good smelling bathroom will also improve the reputation of the building or facility that you clean. This is especially important for restaurants and other private enterprises that rely on positive customer experience and satisfaction.

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