Deep Clean Your School This Summer

school-deep-cleanSummer Deep Cleaning

The natural cycle of the school season provides a unique opportunity for cleaning during the off-months. Summers create an opening in the normally hectic school year schedule for cleaning staff to deep clean buildings and give attention to areas that need extra cleaning and repairs.

School’s Out

Students traditionally have summers off from school. While they are working summer jobs, are at home relaxing or are going on family vacations, janitorial and cleaning staff are often in the middle of their busy season. While many school facilities host training camps and summer school programs, many do not. Those that do are still operating at a much lower capacity than during the regular school year. With fewer students and faculty using the classrooms, hallways and cafeterias, custodial and cleaning staff have an opportunity to take on thorough cleaning and repair jobs.

While regular cleaning is maintained throughout the school year, some cleaning jobs need more time and space to be done well.

With empty or reduced-use schools to work with, cleaning staff can focus on:

  • Thoroughly scrubbing and cleaning floors.
  • Deep cleaning foodservice floors and equipment.
  • Gymnasium cleaning: bleachers, floors, seats, locker rooms, showers and equipment.
  • Vacuum and thoroughly clean dorm buildings, including common areas, game rooms and individual dorm rooms.
  • Window washing.

Green Cleaning

The health, safety and happiness of students is paramount at any school. Part of the bigger picture is the environment in which they learn in. Using green cleaning products that are healthier for people and the environment is a simple choice that schools can make to improve their learning spaces.

National Purity full line of green cleaning products is designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly. High-traffic and high-use areas in schools can greatly benefit from adopting green cleaning practices and green cleaning products. Conventional chemical cleaners can leave unpleasant residues that actually become harbors for dirt, grime and germs. A school environment is a place where germs can be spread quickly.

Improve Your School’s Health

Green cleaning products help reduce the amount of residue and grime build up on sinks, toilets, fixtures and faucets. This safe, healthy and clean environment maintained with effective green cleaning can also save your school money by improving the health of your faculty and reducing the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. Foaming hand soaps, in particular, are wasted less and create less of a mess on slippery bathroom floors.

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