Consumers Prefer Environmentally Friendly Companies

Green-companiesCustomers Prefer Green Companies

Creating policies, products and practices that benefit the environment is an important part of corporate social responsibility. What has been long considered a “feel good” way of doing business is now becoming the status quo according to a new survey conducted by Cone Communications and Echo Global. Environmental concerns ranked number two on the list of issues people want corporations to publicly communicate the most, right after plans for economic development in their local communities.

Moreover, consumers are looking to corporations to drive environmental responsibility forward, not just passively participate.

Communicating Change

The survey also found that consumers want corporations to communicate their environmental impact, whether it is positive or negative. A large part of what the public considers corporate social responsibility appears to be transparency and communication.

Corporations and Green Cleaning 

Advocating for environmental changes can take many forms in the corporate sphere. One area that can have a significant impact is the products and methods that are used to clean corporate facilities. Harsh chemicals and detergents often leave residues, end up in the water supply and create harmful environments for cleaning staff and corporate employees. By being proactive about using environmentally friendly products like hand soaps, all-purpose cleaners and degreasers, corporations can improve their corporate social responsibility profile and help make green cleaning the industry standard.

Companies can improve their environmental impact with green cleaning by:

  • Using a green all-purpose cleaner. All-purpose cleaners are the backbone of every cleaning staff. Use on everything from floors and walls to tables and countertops, all-purpose cleaners are pervasive throughout corporate buildings and facilities. Using an environmentally all-purpose cleaner reduces harmful residues and chemicals that end up getting washed down drains, on people and released into the atmosphere.
  • Switching to environmentally friendly foaming hand soap. Foaming hand soap and automatic soap dispensers are becoming more popular not just for their convenience, but also for their positive environmental impact. Foaming hand soap is considered more sustainable because, compared to liquid hand soaps, less of it is wasted. Foaming hand soap rarely drips or leaks onto the floor, and when paired with an automatic dispenser, can be released in controlled, sustainable amounts directly into users’ hands. Using a green formula for foaming hand soap ups the ante. Restrooms are high-traffic, heavily used parts of any company. Changing the products in them for the better can have a significantly positive effect on the environment.

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