Cleaning Industry Remains Positive as Economy Improves

cleaning-surveyCommercial Cleaning and the Economy

The recent economic recession affected more than the banks and brokers on Wall Street. Industries across the country,  including commercial cleaning, found themselves in sometimes dire straights. Surviving a recession calls for improved methods of operation, smart choices, and  creative problem solving.

As a whole, the commercial cleaning industry has weathered the storm and is poised to show a robust growth as the economy improves.

The Efficient Cleaning Economy

Desperate times call for desperate measures, says the old adage. When times got tough for the cleaning industry, commercial cleaners got more efficient. The 2013 Cleaning Industry Insights Survey highlights that increased efficiency in operations and reducing operating costs have contributed to the survival and improvement of the commercial cleaning industry in the United States.

The New Cleaning Economy

The comprehensive survey collected responses from upwards of 400 commercial cleaning professionals working in the food service, health care, and hospitality sectors of the industry. Since the flagship survey was performed in 2011, a focus on retaining business and customer satisfaction have remained as the leading areas of concern among commercial cleaning professionals. Efficiency improvements have played a large role not only in maintaining profitable, but in impressing customers.

  • Operating Costs. Survey respondents felt less pressure to reduce operating costs than they did in 2011. An improving economy has contributed to the ease on cost cutting, as well as successful cost cutting measures that have been implemented over the last two years. The survey revealed that fewer companies were making cutbacks in 2013 than in 2011. The exception to this is the health care industry. The pressure valve hasn’t been released on cleaning companies who work in hospitals and clinics. In fact, the health care sector feels increased pressure to cut costs, including office supplies and staff, to meet strict budget demands.
  • Customer Satisfaction. A perennial area for improvement, customer satisfaction remains an area of focus for commercial cleaners. The good news is that reduced operating costs, a focus on sustainable cleaning practices, and improvements in efficiency over the last two years have boosted customer satisfaction. Cleaning professionals that have kept a tight ship through the recession have improved their bottom line and improved their customer satisfaction. Definitely a win-win situation.
  • Products and Performance. Cleaning products, equipment and their level of performance remained the area of highest focus by cleaning professionals. Cleaning companies want commercial cleaning products and equipment that get the job done well and done right the first time. Improvements in sustainable products, practices, and equipment has helped cleaners meet these goals, which in turn improves their operating costs and customer satisfaction.
  • Focus on Efficiency. Survey respondents also revealed that commercial cleaners are more likely to focus on efficiency improvements and cost cutting measures than increasing the price of products and services to make ends meet.

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