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71% of American Consumers Care About “Going Green”

green cleaning productsDo American consumers actually care about the environment?

According to a 2013 survey — the answer appears to be yes.

The survey, which was conducted by Cone Communications, found that a whopping 71 percent of Americans (up from 66 percent in 2008)  think about the environment when making purchasing decisions on things like cleaning supplies.

  • 7 percent consider every time they shop
  • 20 percent consider it regularly when they shop
  • 44 percent consider it sometimes when they shop

Do Americans really know what “going green” means?

While it’s clear that “going green” is becoming increasingly important for American consumers, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding green products.

More than 60 percent of respondents were under the impression that marketing terms like “green” and “environmentally friendly” indicated that a particular product had little or no impact on the environment. Only 22 percent were able to recognize that such terms meant a product had a lesser impact than traditional products.

And though nearly nine in 10 respondents felt it was their responsibility to correctly use and dispose of products — only 30 percent indicated they actually use products in a way that achieves its intended environmental goal. And only 42 percent indicated they dispose of these products properly.

“With more and more products in the marketplace marketed as compostable and biodegradable, that is where the breakdown in communication begins,” said Liz Gorman, SVP for CSR and sustainable business practices at Cone Communications. “Once a consumer buys a product, they are responsible for that part of the lifecycle of the product.”

“They understand they have a responsibility to follow through, but probing a little deeper, we can see that there is a lot of confusion and they don’t always close the loop – either because they don’t understand what is expected, or don’t have the resources,” she added.

American consumers want more transparency from green manufacturers

Despite an apparent lack of follow-through, it appears that most consumers are interested in learning more. Eighty-five percent indicated that they would like product manufacturers to include better information regarding proper use and disposal. Additionally, close to three-quarters would like manufacturers to do a better job educating them on environmental terms.

When choosing a product, survey respondents felt that honesty played a key role in their decision making. Sixty-nine percent said it would be okay if a product was not environmentally perfect — as long as they were honest about it. While 78 percent say they would boycott a product that came with misleading claims about its environmental impact.

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