5 Ways Green Cleaning is Good for Your Clients


Client Benefits of Green Cleaning

Green practices are gaining popularity and momentum across the country. Green is a buzzword that has large companies finding new ways to improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) profile, and is a way of life for many businesses who are dedicated to protecting the environment while doing business.

One of the most impactful ways of going green is by implementing green cleaning practices. The chemicals and detergents used by conventional cleaning methods directly impact the environment.

5 Green Cleaning Benefits

Choosing green cleaning options has a broader set of of benefits than just a good report card. It’s good for your clients in 5 important ways:

  1. Green cleaning improves health and safety. Interacting with the abrasive chemicals used in conventional cleaners and cleaning methods impacts the health and safety of cleaning staff and occupants and employees of buildings. Using green cleaning practices reduces or eliminates the use of harmful chemicals that can leave residues and fumes that can harm humans.
  2. Green cleaning supports innovation. The green cleaning industry is at the forefront of green innovation. Organizations like the U.S. Green Building Council and Green Seal have created standards that are driving the improvement and innovation of green cleaning products, equipment and methods. When your client chooses a cleaning service that provides green cleaning, they are supporting innovation and development that helps drive the greater economy.
  3. Client goals are met through green cleaning. Many companies are setting goals and aspiring for industry standards that require green cleaning.
  4. Green business is flourishing. The use of green cleaning services is a way your client can communicate its eye for innovation and environmental stewardship to their customers. More Americans prefer companies to be green than ever, and it is more than a trend. Competitive companies are going green, and that means including green cleaning practices into their operating procedures.
  5. Green cleaning can save your client money. Green cleaning practices are about more than reducing chemicals. Using efficient products and cleaning methods, administering low amounts of concentrated cleaning solutions, using practical and timely cleaning methods, and investing in green cleaning technology and machinery are other ways that cleaning services are finding more sustainable ways to operate. Many of these sustainable methods save money, especially in the long run.

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