Survey Shows Importance of Cleaning Industry Suppliers

cleaning-suppliersSurvey Highlights Cleaning Suppliers

Facility Cleaning Decisions published the results of an annual survey it sends to its readership regarding the cleaning industry. Respondents include cleaning providers for healthcare facilities, universities, and the hospitality industry.

Surveys are an important way for any industry to get a feel for the trends, preferences, and movements of its members. This particular survey highlights the importance of cleaning industry suppliers to a variety of industry sectors.

Survey Says…

Survey results showed that commercial cleaning suppliers are important for a variety of reasons beyond the products and equipment that companies need to do their job:

  • 75 percent of respondents use a commercial cleaning supplier. Cleaning departments and in-house managers cited their cleaning suppliers as important sources of industry trends, information, and training. They valued their distributors for this information more than the associations, publications, and trade shows that they were exposed to.
  • Survey respondents preferred consulting their distributors rather than manufacturers for information about training, safety data, bulk purchasing options, and other product availability information.
  • The survey revealed that 67 percent of respondents opt for distributor support for training, bulk purchasing, and safety materials
  • 78 percent preferred distributors and suppliers that had a sustainability component and could assist them in achieving green initiatives through their purchasing practices.

The Importance of Suppliers

The recent recession impacted the entire American economy. While things are on the upswing, its lingering effects can still be felt, especially in the labor market. While a lot of companies came on hard times over the last few years, the recession has forced and in some cases inspired businesses to find creative ways to remain competitive and profitable.

Sustainability, implementing best practices, and improving productivity have helped many commercial cleaners remain in the game. The Facility Cleaning Decisions survey sheds light on the important role that the suppliers commercial cleaners rely upon played a huge part in helping them remain competitive and creative.

Supply and Demand

Well-organized budgets are a critical component to a successful commercial cleaning company. Survey respondents noted that after a sharp downturn during the recession, budgets have remained level for three straight years, giving them some stability when it comes to sourcing their supplies.

Stable budgets are allowing cleaning companies to improve and adapt by choosing cleaning supplies and equipment that help streamline their business.

the demand for easy-to-use products that simplify training, while increasing efficiencies, is up 20 percent in the last two years.

Behind labor, purchasing is the largest budgetary item for custodial managers/departments, which is why Housekeeping Solutions asked readers to comment on trends in this area.

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