office spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office

office spring cleaning
Maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves (it’s still February after all), but we’re gearing up for some serious spring cleaning around the office.

In our opinion, a clean office is just as important as a clean home. If you sat down and actually calculated the number of hours you and your employees spend annually in the office, you’d probably be inclined to agree with us.

Additionally, numerous research studies have shown that a clean, organized office environment means a healthier, more productive workforce. To kick start your office spring cleaning, we thought we’d share some of our favorite tips below:

Encourage and promote healthy habits around the office.

According the 2012 study, 47 percent of working adults eat lunch at their desk on a daily basis. Though this might sound harmless, it’s not. Most workstations carry as much as 400 times more dangerous bacteria than the average public toilet seat. Not a very pleasant visual, we know.

There are several ways to minimize the risk of harmful bacteria:

  • Promote employee hand washing by keeping your restroom fully stocked with the right supplies (e.g., paper towels, foaming hand soap). A sign designed to remind employees to wash up can also be beneficial.
  • Make sure there are sanitizing/hygienic wipes available for employees to use throughout the office.
  • High touch points such as door knobs, light switches and bathroom surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the spread of bacteria. The same goes for communal areas such as fridges, microwaves, ovens and other shared equipment.

Be careful when cleaning up computer workstations.

Computer workstations are used for hours a day –which means they’re likely to collect a lot of dirt and dust. Unfortunately, they can be trickier to clean than most surfaces – and using the wrong methods can result in significant damage.

  • Use compressed air to remove dust from computer keyboards and CPU towers.
  • Clean monitors with wipes approved for use on LCD screens to avoid scratching screens.
  • Remember to dust each computer mouse and set of speakers before moving on to the next workstation.

Remove dirt and grime from your office space carpet.

A cold, snowy winter followed by damp spring showers can bring water, dirt and residue into your facility. Improve the look of your office and protect your carpet investment by initiating a carpet maintenance program.

  • A professional deep clean is the best first step, followed by regular vacuuming and spot removal. A successful maintenance program can extend the life of your carpet by three or more years.
  • Strategic matting is also a good way to prevent dirt and grime from entering the office. And the spring season may just be the perfect time to upgrade your current system.

Don’t be so literal. “Spring cleaning” can also pertain to your technology.

Your computer probably has its own version of dusty shelves and leaky faucets that could use some attention, both inside and out.

  • Back up all of your important files (e.g., documents, photos, videos, web bookmarks, emails, and so on). There are a number of cloud services that will store this information for free (Google Drive, Dropbox, Skyline and others).
  • Update your infrastructure – this means removing unused applications and programs. It’ll clear up your hard drive, and possibly your icons from your desktop – which means you’ll actually be able to see your wallpaper again.
  • Download the most recent software updates for your operating system. It might also be a good idea to do this for your favorite programs as well.

Image Credit: Flickr