Green Cleaning Practices in Schools

green-cleaning-in-schoolsGreen Cleaning in Schools

School facilities, campuses and classrooms all benefit from being clean and well maintained. A properly trained cleaning staff and a high standard of cleanliness keep students and faculty healthy and focused on learning. School and campus cleaning departments have increasingly been relying on green cleaning products to achieve the high standards needed for school facility cleanliness.

Adopting Green Cleaning Products and Practices

Green cleaning products and practices have become more than feel good additions to campus cleaning regimens. Cleaning departments across the country are adopting green cleaning products and practices to achieve higher sustainability goals, and legislation is regularly being passed that mandates more sustainable cleaning methods.

The Impact of Green Cleaning in Schools

Green cleaning aims to provide healthy, safe and clean learning spaces without harming the environment. The foodservice and preparation areas, restrooms, classrooms and locker room facilities in schools are all high-traffic areas that need regular cleaning on a daily basis. Conventional cleaning products and practices introduce harsh chemicals and detergents into the air and water and can provide less than adequate conditions for students and faculty. The impact of adopting green cleaning practices in schools around the country can have a collectively major positive impact on the environment.

Green Cleaning Practices

Green cleaning practices in schools have been implemented by many schools because of performance standards that regulate indoor air quality, environmental hazards, healthy physical environments, and student health. Clean school environments that use green and sustainable cleaning practices can improve student absenteeism, levels of infection, and reduce asthma-related problems.

  • Green cleaning practices start with a good training program. Custodial and janitorial staff should be given instructions, tools and resources that allow them to implement green cleaning practices properly. 
  • Sustainability in cleaning is more than using green cleaning products. Understanding best practices, having access to efficient equipment, and using smart products like concentrated cleaning solutions, will create a broad approach to sustainable cleaning practices that includes less packaging, less transportation, and greener products.

Green Cleaning Products and Purchasing for Schools

Schools that are moving forward with sustainable cleaning practices rely on vendors and distributors for the products and equipment they need. A focus on green cleaning needs to go beyond the campus boundaries and into the business communities that work with campuses, school districts and facilities. Suppliers of green cleaning products and sustainable cleaning equipment are valuable partners for schools who are reaching for greener cleaning standards.

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