Foaming Handsoap Saves Time and Money

¬†foaming-soapFoaming handsoap is rising in popularity, and it’s no mystery why. The convenient and effective soap is easy to use, attractive to end-users and can save facilities significant time and money.

One of foaming handsoap’s most attractive qualities is its cleanliness. Public restrooms that use foaming soap have less floor clean-up and less soap residue mess from dripping liquid soap. Less soap on the ground means more soap in the hand, making clean-up faster and easier. It also saves money by wasting less soap.

Foaming soap is applied to hands directly in a lathered state. Consumers massage and rub it into their hands, adding water if required, to maintain a good lather. A quick and simple rinse of the hands carries away dirt, grime and germs.

Benefits of foaming handsoap

  • Hand washing facilities routinely find that they save money by going through less foaming handsoap than liquid handsoap. Part of the reason may be because users are immediately given a handful of lathered soap. Instead of pumping a dispenser for more liquid soap, foaming handsoap delivers a fully lathered soap right into a user’s hand. Foaming soap is also considered to be more effective, allowing consumers to use less of it per hand washing than many liquid soaps.
  • Foaming handsoap drips less than liquid soap. A soap that drips less creates less of a mess on the floor. Liquid handsoap is prone to dripping, and is also more difficult to clean off of floors. Foaming handsoap is easier to clean up and drips less. Less time spent cleaning soap off of the floor means more time spent on more worthy pursuits.
  • Foam handsoap is perfect for high traffic restrooms in medical facilities and commercial spaces. Automatic soap dispensers efficiently release a measured amount of foaming soap right into a user’s hands. This saves on wasted soap, clean-up efforts and janitorial time needed to maintain and clean manual and liquid soap dispensers. Foam handsoap dispensed automatically also reduces instances of cross-contamination, keeping hospitals, clinics and workspaces cleaner and safer.

National Purity’s mild liquid foaming hand soap is made from the finest ingredients available. It moisturizes as it clean, leaving your hands soft, smooth and extremely clean. Bulk foaming hand soap provides¬†emollients, moisturizers and skin protectants.

Foaming hand soap is recommended for use in the following facilities: Restrooms, Offices, Clubs, Institutions, Hotels, Spas, Factories, Hospitals, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Locker Rooms, Doctor Offices, Veterinary Clinics.

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