6 reasons contract packaging is better than doing it yourself

contract-packaging-solutionsContract packaging is in the spotlight again.

When efficiency and effectiveness become the focus of the way companies do business, contract packaging is inevitably one of the most discussed options. Why? From saving money on equipment and facilities to packaging and marketing specialty customization, contract packaging can cost less and deliver more for many businesses.

Benefits of contract packaging

The strength of hiring a third party professional to handle your packaging needs lies in several important factors. Outsourcing your packaging means the capital required for equipment, staff, training, materials, and software is in someone else’s hands.

It isn’t just cheaper, however. We actually think packaging is better, more intuitive, smarter, and more effective when it is handled by a contractor.  Why?

Companies that specialize in contract packaging are experts in their field. The focus of their business is to provide packaging solutions that meet the requirements of each individual product they deal with. Their staff, equipment, training programs, and software are all tailored to deal with packaging solutions. This makes their processes faster, more specialized, and cost-effective.

Here are 6 of the most compelling reasons to use a contract packager for your next project:

  1. Less capital, more capitalization. A well-equipped contract packager has the production facilities, packaging equipment, staff, training, and materials that allow you to expand your production without investing capital in space, equipment, or employees. When you have recurring instances of increased production or the need for more capacity, relying on a contract packager allows you to use them as a resource when you need them without paying to maintain the facilities and staff on your own. Many costs will be reduced, and some will be entirely eliminated. Using a contractor can also help you take more risks by developing products that you don’t have the facilities or expertise to create packaging for. Outsourcing packaging to a contractor may allow you to bring more creativity to your product division.
  2. Expand your development. An experienced and successful contract packaging outfit has not only the equipment and technology to create your custom packaging, they also have a well-trained team of staff members that are packaging and marketing professionals. Many contract packagers are brought into the packaging design phase of a project because of their expertise and insight. By bringing in a third party who has created hundreds if not thousands of customized packaging solutions for multiple industries, you are expanding your development team with experts who know what works. Whether you are looking for a packaging solution for a new product, or are rebranding existing inventory to make it more saleable, developing effective packaging is key.
  3. Faster output. Because contract packagers are professional package designers and manufacturers, their businesses decisions are made to improve their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and speed. By including a contract packager early-on in your product development process, they can be completely set up and ready to roll the moment you have created your product, reducing the lead-time to market, and helping you move your inventory on time. If you work with a centrally located contractor, they can even help you make your national distribution more efficient and quicker.
  4. Design input. When developing a new product, including a contract packager during the design phase can help you design and manufacture custom packaging that intimately relates with your product. Your design phase can be shortened by relying on a contractor to provide packaging designs and ideas instead of devoting your own staff and resources to the task.
  5. Short-term needs, long-term profits. An efficient and effective packaging division can meet any packaging need, makes your product look better, and incorporates effective marketing and sustainability practices into its solutions. That includes efficiency in customized or short-term packaging needs. A contract packager’s facilities are set up to handle any kind of packaging need. If you have short-term or seasonal packaging needs that don’t justify maintaining your own staff and facilities, a contractor can save you time and money.
  6. Opportunity for downsizing. If your business has a packaging department and you are looking for ways to downsize, cut costs, and boost efficiency, consider transferring your packaging needs to a third party contractor. Outsourcing packaging can save you money in personnel and facilities fees. Add maintenance, training, and upgrade costs, and using a contractor can create significant savings.

Contract packaging options

The decision to work with a contract packager is a good one. Choosing the right one for you is just as important.

You will need to consider several different factors when selecting a third party contractor, including:

  • Availability
  • Equipment / automation facilities
  • Turnaround
  • Management style
  • Location
  • Plant certifications
  • Experience
  • Communication
  • Quality assurance
  • Space
  • Staff availability and experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re a start up company or a fortune 500 corporation, the launch of a product relies on the packaging process. A smooth transition from manufacturing floor to package will help your product hit the shelves on time, earning respect for your brand and poising you for profit. Any company, from cleaning material suppliers to food distributors, rely on primary and secondary packaging solutions. Packaging protects your product, communicates your brand, and is a valuable marketing tool. Relying on a professional contracting company to help you deliver an effective packaging solution is one of the best decisions you can make.

Additionally, many contractors offer “turnkey” packaging services. This means they source and acquire materials for packaging, as well as manufacturing it for you. They rely on their network of vendors and suppliers, or will work with the ones you identify. This kind of outsourcing is extremely valuable and well worth the cost. Not only are you outsourcing the design and manufacture of your packaging, the headache of tying everything together is eliminated by relying on a professional contract packaging company that specializes in handling the entire process. Say goodbye to mistakes and delays, and hello to efficiency and effectiveness.

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